‘Rediscover and Restructure: Art and Sensuality in Ho Fan’s Cinema’ Programme Brochure

•Foreword: ‘The Way to Illumination’ by Law Kar
•Ho Fan’s Biography
•Ho Fan’s Filmography
•Ho Fan’s Oral History Interview Excerpt
•Research Article ‘Ho Fan and Hong Kong Experimental Cinema in the 1960s’ by Timmy Chen
•Research Article ‘Ho Fan the Filmmaker, and Eroticism in Hong Kong (Cinema)’ by Lau Yam
•Film details of the screening programme

Presenter, Publisher & Distributor: REEL TO REEL INSTITUTE LIMITED

Editors: Aki Kung, Lau Yam
Translators: Erica Leung, Francisco Lo
Design: Be Wok~
Special thanks to Hong Kong Film Critics Society

Format: 40 pages
Language: Chinese & English
Publication Date: 10/2021

Available at the venues during screenings, limited in quantity and are given on first-come, first-served basis while stock lasts.

Request a copy: info@reeltoreel.org