Il Cinema Ritrovato 2022

Special dispatch: Il Cinema Ritrovato is back, and all in person! People around the world are returning to the city bustling with excitement. A reporter sent from Reel-to-reel is now in Bologna!

This year there are also some selections from Asia: newly restored Labourer’s Love (1922), one of the earliest surviving films from China premiered a century ago; Ebrahim Golestan’s early documentary A Fire (1961), Cheshmeh (1972), a rare gem of the Iranian New Wave; Aravindan Govindan’s The Circus Tent (aka Thamp̄, 1978), which was a spotlight at Cannes Classics 2022; and Béhula (1921), a production from Indian silent period, of which most of the films have lost.

Photo credit: Il Cinema Ritrovato

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