‘Behind the Cine’ Workshops Presented by Hong Kong Kids International Film Festival

Thank you for the Hong Kong Kids International Film Festival’s invitation, members of RTRI will be the docents of this year’s workshop and share stories of the origins of cinema. On the two weekends of KIFF, kids can go ‘behind the cine’ to try different kinds of cinema jobs before the film starts. Under professional guidance, children can go behind the snack kiosk, or even get up-close to the restricted area of the projection room! It is a rare opportunity for kids to take a firsthand look at cinema operations, and to learn the importance of teamwork.

Speakers: Janis Law, Aki Kung, Gladys Lau
Date: 17-18, 24-25 July, 2021
Language: Cantonese
Quota: Due to the situation of epidemic, the quota will be updated from time to time without notice.
How to join: KIFF Member (please refer to the details linked above)
Reminder: Participants need to purchase/hold the KIFF Following Movie’s movie ticket of the day and time to participate (One child can only register with one adult, kid needs to be accompanied by an adult, and both of them need to buy tickets)

Suitable for children aged 6 to 8 accompanied by an adult.

Event Photos