Magnificent Obsession

USA|1954|Technicolor Process 4|108 min|Digital|English|Chi subtitles
HD digitally restored version created from a 35mm interpositive. The original monaural soundtrack was remastered from the 35mm DME magnetic track.
14.02.2020 (Fri) 19:40 BC

Dir: Douglas Sirk
Scr: Robert Blees
Cinematographer: Russell Metty
Cast: Rock Hudson, Jane Wyman

A remake of John M. Stahl’s 1935 drama film adaptation of the novel of the same name, Sirk’s signature tragic romance is set in the economically booming America. Rescued in a speedboat accident in a small town, a spoiled playboy inadvertently causes the death of a medical doctor. To make amends he approaches the doctor’s widow, only to bring her even more misery. Filmed in the fashionable Technicolor Process 4, the glorious scenery and the materialistic lifestyle in the 1950s are the backdrop of Sirk’s metaphorical portrayal of impending decadence and death, as seen throughout the film in the latest fashion, race cars, mansions, interiors, and even lighting, reflecting the characters’ firm belief in seizing the day and enjoying life while they can.

Douglas Sirk (1897-1987)
German-born American director Douglas Sirk was best known for his women-centred Hollywood melodramas. The richness of his mise-en-scène portrayed and examined the social pressures of women in the 1950s.