L'Air Du Temps

Taiwan|1990 (in Taiwan)|Colour|85 min|16mm|Mandarin|Chi & Eng subtitles
The 16mm print was copied from the 35mm negative.
24.10.2021 (Sun) 17:25 Broadway Cinematheque

*Post-screening talk

Screenwriter: Chang Li-Chun
Cinematographer: Chen Jung-Shu
Cast: Idy Chan, Chang Kuo-Chu, Henry Yang, Yang Shi-Hao

Struggling to attract funding and support in Hong Kong for his art house productions, Ho Fan made several of his art films in Taiwan, including the impeccable drama L’Air Du Temps. A single mother decides to help her young son conceived from an inebriated encounter find his father by placing an ad in the newspaper. What follows is three men from different social backgrounds turning up with their own version of what happened that fateful night, going back to a time of geopolitical instability, rapid social change and economic growth that brought about both material prosperity and emotional desolation, ending up in a futile search for connections lost. A highlight of Idy Chan’s career for her portrayal of the many faces of the modern woman.