Hidden Desire

Hong Kong|1991|Colour|92 min|Digital|Cantonese|Chi & Eng subtitles
The negative was digitised in 4K and colour graded by the film company. The digital file for this screening is in 2K.
23.10.2021 (Sat) 19:35 Broadway Cinematheque

Screenwriter: Steven Kong
Cinematographer: Alan Cheng, Henry Lee
Cast: Veronica Yip, Murakami Rena, Sharon Kwok, Gary Lam, Charlie Tso

A modern-day Yu Pui Tsuen (1987) exploring the eternal conflict between the appeal to one’s mind and that to one’s lust, Hidden Desire is one of Ho Fan’s erotic classics made in the 1990s, the golden age of erotic movies in Hong Kong. A Chinese-American businessman taking over the local branch of his family’s company loses himself in one encounter after another with beautiful, smart women who themselves derive pleasure from sex and take advantage from men’s desire for it. Though told from the perspective of the male protagonist, the film’s focus is on these successful modern women’s ambitions and erotic experiences. Committed to his artistry, Ho created each sex scene with vision and variation, setting the film apart from the sexy movies churned out at the time. A realisation of his bold visions with opulent imagery and relevance, it offers an enigmatic open ending with a volatile finale.